Our Story

New Zealand Gin Day is a day for gin drinkers to get together to celebrate our fantastic New Zealand gins, crafted by our talented New Zealand distillers.

Inspired by the memory of Mars’ late Mother (a gin lover and remarkable woman) and all her fond memories of friends and family gathering together, laughing and having a good time, whilst enjoying their G&T’s, Mars had a fabulous idea and thus, New Zealand Gin Day was created.

Enter Shaans, another gin lover, and totally keen to get on board with celebrating all things gin. Together, Mars and Shaans, two gin loving enthusiasts, after some talking (and gins) created New Zealands very first gin day, launched January 2021.

It is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of January, every year. Around the birthday of Mars’ Mum.

How can Gin Lovers get involved?

  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be kept up to date on all things New Zealand Gin Day.
  • Support your local New Zealand distilleries. Check out their social media, shop online on their websites, visit their distilleries.
  • Host a gathering on New Zealand Gin Day. Share your photos of what you’re doing, which New Zealand gins you’re drinking and spread the love #newzealandginday #nzginday

Together with some awesome New Zealand distillers, we release a limited edition collaboration gin. Each distiller involved picks a botanical and sends it to the official distiller of the year. Who in turn, works their magic and creates a wonderful unique celebratory gin for us all to enjoy. It is released in time to be enjoyed on New Zealand Gin Day. Check out the Collaborations tab on the website to see them all!



A contemporary modern gin with a spicey lemon wood aromatic balanced against a fruity and herbaceous palate with silky mouthfeel and fresh pepper finish. Serve with an Indian Tonic water and slice of fresh grapefruit or mixer of your choice.


Juniper led London dry style gin with classic notes of pine and New Zealand Citrus with Fresh bursts of lemongrass, and hints of Kanuka. An approachable, London dry gin and a great kiwi made all-rounder. To be enjoyed with your favourite tonic or soda, and it’s the perfect gin for cocktails.


Just like a Summers Garden … with a lemon tree spreading the cooling shade over your favourite summer flowers.